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Although we are well into the season, about five weeks after the Autumn equinox, November is really when it feels like Fall has settled in. A damp, cool, earthy hovering fog that leaves us longing for comfort....

Amber Valletta by Glen Luchford for PRADA, Fall 1997

Astrologically, Mars, the ruling planet of action, energy, initiation and war has stationed retrograde as we led up to this month and it will stay in that seemingly backward transition throughout the rest of Fall and into early winter. They say this means we may feel a loss of momentum or drive, a stagnation.

Perhaps though... this energy can be framed as relieving. A time not to push forward, but to reflect, re-evaluate, slow down, conserve, ease-in and be a little more gentle with oneself and the collective.

Just like we move toward saving daylight this month, how can we save our internal vibrance?

'Women In The Woods' by Deborah Turbeville, VOGUE Italia, 1977

Can we take comfort in this? After all, these periods of reset are vital.

Make time for stillness.

Clear thoughts.

Release attachments.

For more on the astrology of the eclipses, visit Astrologer Anthony Perotta's page here.

Naomi Campbell by Pamela Hanson for French VOGUE, 1990.

“Regard your limitations as secret strengths. Or as constraints that you can make use of.”

Brian Eno

Listen to our compilation of songs for that matches our November Mood.

  1. 'A Forest' The Cure , 1980. A classic from their album Seventeen Seconds

  2. ' The Smoke' The Smile, 2022

  3. 'Never Seen Such Good Things' Devendra Banhart, 2013

  4. ' Mistakes' Sharon Van Etten, 2022

  5. ' Amber' Steve Lacy, 2022

  6. ' Moderation' Cate Le Bon, 2022. From the album Pompeii, a favorite of the year. Check out the music video here.

  7. ' Pa Pa Power' Dead Man's Bones, 2009. From Ryan Gosling's spooky two man band. Listen here

  8. ' Wolf' Yeah Yeah Yeahs , 2022.

  9. ' Underlands' Andrew Bird, 2022.

  10. ' TV' Billie Eilish, 2022. From the single "Guitar Songs'

  11. 'Cançåo Da Cura' Sessa, 2022. Translated to "Healing Song" in English, this gorgeous album is out on the label Mexican Summer ,

  12. ' Screaming in the Rain' , Sorry, 2022. From the North London bands sophomore album.

  13. ' The Trip' Still Corners, 2013.

  14. ' tap' Tomberlin, 2022

  15. ' Hometown Dream' Helado Negro, 2022.

  16. ' Everything is Simple' Widowspeak, 2022. From the album, The Jacket. Watch the video here.

  17. ' Sea, Swallow Me' The Cocteau Twins, 1986.

  18. ' Faith' Linying, 2022. From the album There Could be a Wrecking Here.

  19. ' Buddy's Rendezvous' Father John Misty, 2022. With vocals by Lana Del Ray

  20. ' Shadows' Bonobo, 2022. Featuring Jordan Rakei. Listen Here.


It is always our goal to be mindful here. It is a major part of why we do what we do, and we will be taking the time to reflect even further on that, and how we can do a better part for ourselves and our community. Continuing to commit to creative endeavors within this ethos.



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