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| JANUARY | Resolutions

Kate Moss by Albert Watson, 1993


The month of January has come to symbolize beginnings, renewals, a space of transition between things we are meant to leave behind us with some refreshed energy to surge forward without that baggage.

This is a gateway month to focus clearly on what you want to bring into your life. This month allows us TIME to map out the framework of this new vision... understanding that the turn of a new year doesn't suddenly change a life, but it can be a progression when we continually strive to empower ourselves.

January is named after the God Janus, the god of doorways; openings and closings. The marker of this as the New Year is a collectively energetic opportunity in the moment to end and begin again.

Oliver Herring x Rei Kawakubo, 1996


For our own resolutions, we have committed to using our love of archival fashion to truly embrace vintage as a sustainable lifestyle CHOICE. Dressing in vintage may feed your fashion and style ego but it's a choice that is actually nourishing to the soul. Investing in longer lasting, quality pieces with minimal environmental impact over something new is a step forward EVERY SINGLE TIME. So shopping with us should make you feel good at that, but this year, we have joined 1% for the Planet as part of our commitment to support environmental solutions. Read more about our decision to join 1% for the Planet here.

“We’re a part of nature. As we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves. It’s a selfish thing to want to protect nature.”

— Yvon Chouinard

Also look for more in our blog and content relating to education on fashion industry environmental impact, conscious practices and some of the other brands, people and organizations offering products, methods and ideas for living a more fully rounded sustainable lifestyle.

Listen to our compilation of songs for that matches our JANUARY mood.

  1. 'Meditation ' (Feat. Alan Watts) Kettler Scientific, 2021

  2. ' Clouds Over the Pacific' James Pants, 2011

  3. ' Human Behavior' Bjork, 1993

  4. ' Midnight Sun' Nilüfer Yanya, 2022

  5. ' Waves' J Dilla, 2006

  6. ' Frisco' Little Dragon, 2022

  7. ' Escapism (Gettin' Free), Digable Planets, 1993

  8. ' All Night Long' Pachyman and Winter , 2022

  9. ' As it Was' Prep, 2022

  10. ' People Everyday' Arrested Development, 1992

  11. ' And I Know' Eola, 2016

  12. ' Love Survive' Michael Nau, 2016

  13. ' New Body Rhumba' LCD Soundsystem, 2010

  14. ' Freedom' Jadu Heart, 2023

  15. ' Ffunny Ffriends' Unknown Mortal Orchestra, 2011

  16. ' Billie Topy' Men I Trust, 2022

  17. ' Belize (Feat MF DOOM)' , Danger Mouse & Black Thought, 2022

  18. ' Recycled Air' The Postal Service, 2003

  19. ' New Beginning' Automatic, 2022


It is always our goal to be mindful here. It is a major part of why we do what we do, and we will be taking the time to reflect even further on that, and how we can do a better part for ourselves and our community. Continuing to commit to creative endeavors within this ethos.



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