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A Part of the Rest is a sustainably minded

designer vintage studio located in Southern California. 

Founded by Kambry Morrison in 2012, the intention is to interpret iconic designer pieces and quality vintage classics into conscious modern style.


In a world where we are always seeking MORE, we say do it with LESS. It is said that there is enough apparel in existence to clothe six generations. We aim to show how true style comes from within, and modern looks can be created from things already available to us. From production pollution and CO2 emissions to the tons of discarded garments and textile waste, It is no secret that the fashion & apparel manufacturing industry has had a negative global impact on our environment. We know the drive to shop and keep up with a closet that makes us feel well styled isn't going to stop, therefore, we  champion vintage, preserving and extending garment life, and aim to educate on why we should ALL be on this movement.​


As a professional with over 15 years in fashion design and production, Kambry has seen first hand the  changes in the landscape of  modern  apparel brands as well as in the vintage market. This experience gives our brand a unique perspective as we focus our efforts on offering high quality pieces that are truly in demand in a modern closet.  Our curations blend the most covetable and rare designer runway finds along with every day like great denim, graphic tees, and easy staples. Our in house collection of re-worked vintage apparel and textiles ads a waste-free selection of modernized styles to our assortment. 


As our brand grows, we continue to consider the implications of our lifestyle choices on the planet. 

In our journey to live  consciously, we love to explore and support independent brands with similar ethos.

From ethically produced apparel and lifestyle goods  to eco-travel to healthy living and mindfulness.


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