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DECEMBER | Reflections


It's sometimes a frenzy during the holidays to think about all that has come upon us over the last twelve months. Those moments of good, bad, happy and hard have been there to serve us in some way.

These vintage images of reflection provide a little inspiration to contemplate that before we head into a new year.

CHANEL 'Premiere' campaign, 1987 by Guy Bourdin

Polaroids by Helmut Newton for Vogue Paris, 1996


On December 7th, we are illuminated by the last full moon of the year, arising in the middle of winter. Lighting up the crevices so we can see into through the shadows and reflect where we are.

This is a time to not be afraid of the literal and internal darkness, but to own those dark places, understanding they an be overcome, giving us a personal sense of empowerment. With this full moon being in Gemini, perhaps you are able to now see things from two angles.