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DECEMBER | Reflections


It's sometimes a frenzy during the holidays to think about all that has come upon us over the last twelve months. Those moments of good, bad, happy and hard have been there to serve us in some way.

These vintage images of reflection provide a little inspiration to contemplate that before we head into a new year.

CHANEL 'Premiere' campaign, 1987 by Guy Bourdin

Polaroids by Helmut Newton for Vogue Paris, 1996


On December 7th, we are illuminated by the last full moon of the year, arising in the middle of winter. Lighting up the crevices so we can see into through the shadows and reflect where we are.

This is a time to not be afraid of the literal and internal darkness, but to own those dark places, understanding they an be overcome, giving us a personal sense of empowerment. With this full moon being in Gemini, perhaps you are able to now see things from two angles.

Take time to remember the lessons that 2021 showed us individually and collectively. The moments of joy and ease along with the harder ones that were pushed through and how that has given us stronger foundations for our future.

Read your full moon horoscopes via astrologer Anthony Perrotta here.

For A Part of the Rest, we are reflecting on the build of this year. We love a fast pace, but from this perspective, we are seeing that laying groundwork steadily is more important for longevity... the slow build is more than okay, it's necessary. Grateful we are taking the time to plant the seeds for our brand to expand.

Lauren Hutton by Pamela Hanson

Devon Aioki for Vogue Italia by Steven Meisel, 1999


On December 21st comes the Winter solstice which marks the slow building return of the suns course.

I find that understanding how our inner states of being link up with the cycles of earth helps us to be more gentle on ourselves. Our emotions, our productivity, our desires. Stepping back to realize that this isn't necessarily the time for productivity, but for reflection. Understanding the resonance of the light cycle of the past year and finding new inspiration that will open up in the months ahead with new energy for spring.

A realization that we have reached a turning point. Things have reached their coldest and darkest, a stillness before the sun regains it's strength in the new cycle, meaning things can only get brighter...

Models reflections, Vogue Italia 1982, by Debora Turbeville

Audrey Marnay for Vogue Italia 1998 by Paolo Roversi


Here we are, the end of 2022. Feeling gratitude for the year we have had and hoping that all of you are doing the same. Celebrations of another year and living in the moment to make best for what is to come.

May this time be beautiful for you and yours.



“Escape from the black cloud that surrounds you.
Then you will see your own light, as radiant as the full moon.”
- Rumi

Listen to our compilation of songs for that matches our December reflections, specially featuring songs by LOW and Fleetwood Mac in remembrance of Mimi Parker and Christine McVie. Listen via Apple Music or Spotify.

  1. 'In My Life' The Tallest Man Earth, 2022

  2. 'Norfolk Hotel' Melody's Echo Chamber, 2022

  3. 'Teardrop' Massive Attack, 1998

  4. 'Roman Holiday' Fontaines D.C. , 2022

  5. ' Suzanne' Leonard Cohen, 1967

  6. 'Tunnel of You' Cannons, 2022

  7. 'Pistol' Cigarettes After Sex, 2022

  8. 'Looking For Something' Castlebeat, 2022

  9. 'Desire Lines' Deerhunter, 2010

  10. 'Baby Baby' Sports, 20222

  11. 'Words' LOW, 1994

  12. 'Girl' Men I Trust, 2022

  13. 'About You' The Jesus and Mary Chain, 1987

  14. 'Nowhere Near' Yo La Tengo, 1993

  15. 'STORY OF BLOOD' John Cale featuring Weyes Blood, 2022

  16. 'Songbird' Fleetwood Mac, 1977

  17. 'Re: Stacks' Bon Iver, 2007


It is always our goal to be mindful here. It is a major part of why we do what we do, and we will be taking the time to reflect even further on that, and how we can do a better part for ourselves and our community. Continuing to commit to creative endeavors within this ethos.



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