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June Vintage Has Arrived

Easy pieces to move into summer


Vintage on Sale!

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There are a multiple reasons to start a healthy shopping habit in the vintage market... the thrill of the hunt, finding little treasures of fashion history, and to create a unique wardrobe among them. For us, the # 1 reason to leave the department stores behind and shop from vintage sellers is OUR PLANET EARTH. 

It has been said that the fashion industry is the second most harmfully polluting industry in the world. So for us, there is NO question. Whether shopping from our shop, or from the range of sellers we love, your choice to shop vintage is an easy first step in combatting massive industry. 

The added benefit? With a homogenized look being seen across multiple channels of contemporary and mass market brands, you will be slowly curating your own collection of true style. ✌🏼


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