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NOSTALGIA | Officially Vintage, the collections of Spring Summer 2003

In the world of Vintage Fashion, most consider a complete two decades as the hallmark of "True Vintage"

This is important because with the rise of resale across the board, the term "vintage" is used pretty liberally. So when collections hit that twenty year mark, as is with the Spring Summer 2003 collections, it's an important reminder how much remarkable it is when fashion history is imprinted with unforgettable collections.

Here are some favorites from those twenty years ago...

BALENCIAGA Spring Summer 2003

This collection by Nicholas Ghesquiére was by far a favorite of the whole season. Sporty references transferred into sexy silhouettes with the details in the fabrics, textures and seams. His genius collection fit in scuba, fencing and baseball into form fitting dresses and separates which accentuated the feminine. These pieces have been treasured by collectors for years ahead of this twentieth anniversary.

Where to find it:

BALENCIAGA Spring 2003 Jungle Tank

approx $350 at RESEE Paris

BALENCIAGA Spring 2003 white scuba hoodie

Approximately $380 at RESEE Paris

BALENCIAGA Spring 2003 Rare Vintage Stripe Fencing Corset $6500 at Resurrection Vintage

BALENCIAGA Spring 2003 Neoprene Patchwork Scuba Dress

GUCCI Spring Summer 2003

Sex on the runway via Tom Ford. This collection put it out there. The silky knits were tissue thin, sucked to the body and all the way up to the booty. Corsetry, robes and a soft blossomy boudoir pallette was soft against all the bared skin. And let's not forget the ad campaigns....

GUCCI by Tom Ford Spring 2003 Black Halter Dress

GUCCI by Tom Ford Spring 2003 Blossom Embroidery Silk Mini Dress

Approximately $7,875 at RESEE Paris

GUCCI by TOM FORD Spring 2003 Silk Drape Dress

GUCCI by TOM FORD Spring 2003

Cherry Blossom Print Jersey Mini Dress

JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Spring Summer 2003


Butterfly Print Ruched Dress

LOUIS VUITTON Spring Summer 2003

MARC JACOBS Spring Summer 2003

I thought this collection was delightful. Summer 2003 was the first time I had ever been to New York City, as a student studying at Parsons for a summer program, and thus it was my first time EVER going to Bergdorf Goodman. I remember these candy colors clearly. The retro femininity that was just so classically chic.

"“There was Spring 2003 with dresses in bright pastel hues that Marc got from Ladurée macarons. This became my inspiration and starting point for the palette of my film Marie Antoinette." - Sophia Coppola to Phaidon

PRADA Spring Summer 2003

This collection is EVERYTHING I love about the genius of MIUCCIA. The beading that adorned the bodices of both the sexy mod sixties-nod silhouettes and stand alone flat fabric necklaces tied with ribbon, will always be amongst the most memorable for me. I loved the mix of subtle cocoa neutrals and bright tennis whites on poplin that were shown alongside Vibrant tropical-fruit hued satins and jacquard. Youthful, wearable, and just what I would ALWAYS want to wear, this never went out of style for me. Hoping one day my closet houses every piece from this collection.

PRADA Spring 2003 Brocade dress

PRADA Spring 2003 Embellished Cotton Dress


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