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No matter the season, our number one thing we consider as a go-to for choosing a polish, has zero to do with beauty trend and 100% to do with the cleanliness and sustainability of the formulation.

For Fall, a simple shift into the most classic autumnal colors as a nod to the changing weather is subtle little way to embrace the season.

Here are our selects for the best in non-toxic palettes to satisfy the mood.

Currently wearing COTE non-toxi nail color in RAVEN BLACK. Avail here..


The entire range consists of sophisticated pallets of 10-Free non toxic colors. Bonus: Côtes recycling program offers 10% off your purchases when you send back your empty polish to their headquarters for safe recycling.

The Fall Favorites:

No 41. 'Cool Cappuccino', a perfect warm milky cafe hue.

No. 50 ' Fiery Orange' a vibrant burning flame color.

Available at, $18


This easily accessible brand has one of the most toxin free formulas available on the market with a 17-Free and PETA certified nail lacquer. Ella & Mila's expansive selection of polish colors can be found at many drugstores nationwide at at

The Fall Favorites:

' On the Runway' That perfect mid-tone cool, sweater weather grey

' Holiday Fling' Rich and deep vampy- burgundy

Available at, $10.50


London based nail color that strives to "deliver a healthier manicure" with their 12-Free, Certified Vegan and Halal formulation of their 'L'oxygene' breathable nail polish collection. Oxygen and water permeable technology allows nails to breathe.

The Fall Favorites:

'Le Temps des Cerises', a sophisticated classic deep burgundy

'Love You Very Matcha', a clean herbal green

Available at Violet Grey, $22


From one of the fastest growing brands in the entire beauty industry, the Static Nails polishes are award-winning selections with an 8-free formulation

The popularity of the collection makes it easy to find online or at over 1,000 retailers nationwide.

The Fall Favorites:

'Black Rose', a dramatic blackened-plum.

' Billiard Room', a deep seducrive emerald with blue undertones

Available at Static, $16


With two Manhattan salons that offer a covetable, mindful manicure experience... these plant-based, 10-Free Non toxic and cruelty free formulas have gained a true following.

Sundays was founded on "The values of individuality, simplicity, and wellness."

The Fall Favorites:

No. 25, An earthy clay-rose tone that is perfect seasonal neutral

No. 21, A perfect medium greyed-grape

Available at, $18


The "Ten Commitments' of Ten Over Ten assures that their nail products are created with the ethos of planet, people and health in mind. Whether enjoying a polish at their Tribeca salon, or painting on their colors at home, the Ten Over Ten polishes are a treat.

The Fall Favorites:

'Bond', A perfect opaque black

' Cliff', A coppery fall terra cotta tone

Available at, $12

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