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Team favorites for giving our skin more as we wear less

We are about three weeks into summer and with the warming weather, and the baring of our skin, this is the season to give extra attention to keeping hydrated and moisturized at ALL times. These are our selects for a season of consciously smooth skin.

1. A Dry Brush.


'G.Tox Ulitimate Dry Brush'

Ritualistic self care exfoliation and circulation with FSC-certified wooden handle and natural, biodegradable sisal fibers. Whether you are new to using a dry brush as part of your routine or have been doing so for as a self care religion, getting a good quality brush like this G. Tox brush is a must. $26 at

2. A smoothing salt scrub.


' Salts of the Earth' Body Scrub

Decadent, buttery and soft... this is one of the most luxurious feeling scrubs I have ever tried. I love that that it leaves your skin feeling moisturized long after you have towel dried with it's incredible mix of natural oils.

We also love that Osea is a family brand that is 'Climate Neutral Certified' which means taking measures to offset their carbon footprint and being held to the standards of the Climate Neutral organization.

Osea Malibu sea salt scrub, 12 oz, $48 at

3. A light essential moisturizer.


'The Body Lotion'

Non-greasy, light and crisp for every single day. Perfect to pop into your handbag to moisturize on the go. Putting this lotion on mid day is like a revitalizing little treat for my skin.

We also love that Necessaire takes their production footprint seriously and uses clean ingredients in their skincare, as well as planet friendly packaging. They are a member of 1% for the planet, giving back to environmental non profits on all purchases.

Necessaire unscented body lotion, 6.8oz, $25 at

4. An on the go cream.


'Body Cream'

A classic aluminum tube to pop in your hand bag for easy to grab moisturizer when you are out and about. The texture and the smell are rich but subtle.

We also love that the aluminum tube is a sure win over plastic packaging.

Grown Alchemist Body Cream in Mandarine Rosemary, 120ml, $26 at

5. An all-purpose skin saver


' Magic Balm'

Not just for summer, this All the time balm is amazing to keep in your stash for everything from lips to dry elbows, to cuticles and beyond. Keeping this tin with me at all times is a must.

Dr. Bronners Magic Balm, Unscented, 2oz, $10 at Dr.

6. An everyday oil


'Hinoki Body Oil'

Wonder Valley is a fine, California-produced Olive Oil brand with decadent oils in gorgeous packaging that we love. They have taken their classic cold pressed, super rich oil and turned it into an incredibly delectable skin softening moisturizer paired with shea butter, squalane and fragrant Japanese Hinoki. Named one of Glamour Magazines top gifts of 2021 for good reason. this is one that you will be glad to share and wear every single day.

We also love that this is a female founded, organic brand aking every part of the process 'regenerative' from the oil farming to the zero-plastic packaging.

Wonder Valley Hinoki Body Oil, 200mL, $85 at


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