ZANRA RHODES Circa 1980 Hand Painted and Bead Detailed Chiffon Dress

ZANDRA RHODES Cir. 1980 Collection Hand Painted Chiffon

A whimsical dreamy piece by the adored ZANDRA RHODES at A PART OF THE REST

A beloved Icon of Fashion History, Zandra Rhodes has always had a flair for the fantastical. She turned plain textiles into true creations of art with her hand painting and delicate beading details. Her work and her personal style, reflected a brilliant marriage of punk and pretty with pieces in her archive that range from bridal worthy romance to safety pin punk. This concept is also represented in her history of designing for famed celebrities from royalty to rock star with a client list ranging from Princess Diana to Freddy Mercury.

The Zandra Rhodes piece that is part of the A PART OF THE REST documented designer collection is this gorgeous, soft cream chiffon dress circa 1980. This piece features an abundance of silk draped gently with dolman sleeves, elastic waist and ruffled hem. The light chiffon is hand painted in tones of white and soft buttercream yellow and further detailed with silk ribbon and beading.

Photo via Pinterest. 1980, Harpers and Queen Magazine

Photo via Pinterest. 1980, Harpers and Queen Magazine



As a truly lover of the Arts, Dame Zandra Rhodes founded the Fashion and Textile Museum in London, and continues her career as a textile educator and costume designer for the Opera. There have been many exhibitions, books and documentaries dedicated to her body of work from the 1960s through now.