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Hi Jamie, tell us a lit bit about yourself and Blossom Vintage

Blossom started as a passion project almost six years ago. I started the business as a traveling pop-up shop in a 1970 Airstream. We’ve done a country-tour picking and selling throughout 15 states in the span of two months, and I continue to do pop-ups all throughout California. Before committing full-time to Blossom, I went to school for my teaching credentials and taught for three years. As much as I loved working with students, Blossom fulfilled me in ways that teaching (unfortunately) could not. I’ve learned that there is nothing more terrifying, exhilarating, and satisfying than working for yourself.



Tell us about how you became interested in vintage

I’ve always loved thrifting and finding unique pieces that aren’t seen everywhere on everyone. Vintage was the escape from fast-fashion, and I loved that it wasn’t a matter of convenience but love and dedication to finding those gems.


What is the most amazing vintage treasure that you've ever had come across your shop?


To be honest, I see most of the pieces I find amazing and won’t settle for less than that heart-pounding feeling of finding such a beautiful item.

More than a specific treasure, I love sharing stories of places I’ve been where I’ve dug up some of my rarest finds.

A rare 1920s opera coat from Blossom Vintage

A rare 1920s opera coat from Blossom Vintage



What are some pieces that you just CAN'T let go of?


I do have a few timeless dresses that I’ve had for years, but I find that my style is constantly evolving.

When I first started Blossom a good friend of mine shared some wise words from the late Notorious BIG, “Don’t get high on your own supply”. So, I tend to pass on special finds that I haven’t given the love and attention it deserves.

An Edwardian piece from Blossom Vintage

An Edwardian piece from Blossom Vintage


What is your favorite vintage era?


My personal style tends to resemble closer to the 80s/90s androgynous, minimalist looks, but I have a deep affinity to Edwardian-1930s feminine ensembles. Sometimes I want to look androgynous, other times feminine and ethereal. I love both.


What is one vintage look that you just can't pull off?

Head to toe looks from the 1940s. I love the style lines of the 40s, but I tend to feel most comfortable in loose clothing than anything form-fitting.



Tell us, what is your favorite part of your job?


I am a treasure-hunting addict. The thrill of the hunt is an adrenaline rush that I can’t get enough of. When I find something exquisite and in pristine condition, I get lost in the story of the piece- wondering who wore it, where it’s been, how it ended up here... I feel like a historian at times, making sure that

these pieces of history are passed to people who also respect and admire the importance of these pieces, especially from the 1800s-40s, which are becoming more difficult to find. When a customer expresses their love for something they’ve purchased, I know I’m spreading joy in my own way.

A 1930s bias cut satin and lace gown at Blossom Vintage

A 1930s bias cut satin and lace gown at Blossom Vintage

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What is your passion aside from vintage?

Travel. Although, I feel that vintage collecting and traveling goes hand-in-hand, I love exploring new places and traveling any chance that I get. If you have any interest in exploring the country by car, do it. It’s the best way to see the country!

Some of the many treasures that Jamie sources for Blossom Vintage

Some of the many treasures that Jamie sources for Blossom Vintage


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