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Kambry Morrison

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Tell us some things about yourself


Hi! I grew up in Seattle suburbs, went to college in AZ, then left to the East Coast to live in NYC for 10 years. I didn't go to fashion school but worked at a small contemporary womens label in design and brand management. I am a true Libra, and believe in all the cosmic woo woo. I live on the coast in the suburbs of LA now and LOVE the weather! Trying to balance working for myself with the website, freelance design jobs and sewing personal projects. The dress in the picture above is one of my favorites that I made from vintage 1960s fabric, and this jumpsuit is from 1950s silk.



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Tell us about your first experience with vintage



I remember so clearly, I was 12 and my friend Tif lived within walking distance the little town and there was a Value Village we went to. I bought an incredible shearling lined suede trench, a 1960s Baby doll pink and white bell sleeve mini dress, and a pair of 1970s high waisted tennis shorts. I loved that I could buy these things with my babysitting money, and also how fun it was to wear them!


Tell us a little story about when and why you started to make vintage selling a career


I was working in my design job in NYC, but feeling a bit unfulfilled so I had started a style blog under this name A Part of the Rest. The blog only lasted a little while, but I have always LOVED vintage shopping and had stockpiled a good collection from my own thrifting and doing it for work... So I used the name and started an Etsy store with it, to sell off some of my goods. It was a side job until I moved to LA in 2014, and now it's (almost) my full time thing. This photo is of me then, back in 2012.




What is the most amazing vintage treasure that you've ever had come across your shop?


Hmm, there have been so many good pieces. I think a 1960s Cream colored Courreges coat in Mint condition that I sold in 2015...

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Do you have any amazing find(s) that you just can't let go of?


YES! Of course, I have a pair of really high waisted flared BIBA pants that I bought in Paris and a 1970s Black Floral chiffon halter gown... so dreamy. I hardly have occasion to wear either, but I just can't sell... I also wear a size 5 so I do pretty well with vintage heels. Like these 80s Bally heels.

What is you're favorite vintage "look" or era - 

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What is one vintage look that you love but could never pull off:


Anything too romantic Gunnesax, Laura Ashley, ... 

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What's the best part of your job or your favorite part of the process?

The treasure hunt, for sure. I don't care where I find it, just the love of finding it. There are such amazing pieces out there that are getting harder and harder to find. 

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What is your passion outside of vintage?


Natural health and wellness. I geek out on it. Hit me up if you need a suggestion of a podcast or blog to learn more about the stuff. I am addicted to it in a good way because i'm on my way to recovery of an intense autoimmune flare up. I began taking a cocktail of pharmaceuticals but then decided that I need to find a better way to health. It's only been a few months but I fully believe in curing through a clean gut and mind. It's been really great and I hope to share with anyone that is interested or going through it themselves.




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