Breaking down my FAVORITE Carrie Bradshaw outfit of all time

SATC Season 3 Episode 7 Carrie Bradshaw BEST Outfit

Now we have all been kind of on a Sex and the City outfit craze since news broke that the phenomenon of a TV series officially turned vintage last week (All whilst leaving many of us who were with Carrie and crew since the beginning feeling, well, a bit old). 

My age woes aside, there is no doubt that the wardrobe created by Pat Fields was a cultural style breakthrough. Some quick google searches and you'll find a multitude of images and commentary on these now legendary outfits. 

But, I had to do a little digging to get to my FAVORITE. This outfit was on the top of my list and I had to rewatch season 3 (Which to me was one of the best of all style wise) to find it. And here it is, season 3, episode 7... more memorably known as the one where Miranda finds the skid marks, HA! 

So here we go, Miranda and Carrie strolling the West Village discussing Steves gross underwear, while Carrie is wearing my #1. What I like most about this is that 1. I would absolutely wear this 2. It was probably already vintage back in 2004 when this episode aired, as Pat Fields held no shame in using vintage on the wardrobe dept. 

Shop the outfit below and let me know, which outfit of Carrie's is your favorite?

SATC Season 3 Episode 7 Carrie Bradshaw BEST Outfit full
SATC Season 3 Episode 7 Carrie Bradshaw BEST Outfit dior bag