With the recent abundance of an array of disco and dance worthy 1970s dresses in the shop, we could not help but get a little into the vive ourselves with some Soul Train worthy tunes. Whether or not you like disco, these ladies from A Taste of Honey know what's up to get the  front row crowd get down during this 1978 performance. Seriously though, throw this tune on and dance, you really can't help it when the bass gets going + it's good for the soul.




We're going back 23 years for this... which means I was at the impressionable young age of 12 when this music video came out, and I remember listening to this entire album on repeat like it was yesterday. At that time, Bjork was my goddess (As was Tori Amos and Beth Gibbons), and her strange little voice was so captivating. I think my mother may have been regretful about always giving me control of the car CD player, but oh, how I loved to sing along... and even watching this now, I am singing along. But come on, this is how nostalgia is supposed to feel right? Youthful, happy and momentous. Enjoy the moment



Sometimes we get bored with seeing the same things of the magazine rack... So we created a little something to satiate our need for some visual style inspiration by stepping back a few decades and getting lost in vintage  runway, music videos and  movie clips. 


1980s Runway

1988 Donna Karan Spring Collection

1988 Christian Dior Spring Collection by Marc Bohan

1987 Chanel Spring Collection

1988 MOSCHINO Spring Collection via The Fashion Channel on A Part of the Rest Vintage



1991 Vivienne Westwood Fall Collection

1992 Yves Saint Laurent Spring Collection 

1992 Oscar de La Renta Spring Collection via The Fashion Channel on A Part of the Rest Vintage

1995 Gianni Versace Spring Collection

1996 John Galliano Fall Collection