MAY 2018

Hi guys! 

Welcome to MAY! I 'm sure you've noticed some big changes to the site look and layout this month, which is something I am SUPER excited about. I've  been thinking for years about the vintage community and how BIG it is... Take to the internet and a quick  Etsy or Ebay search and you may get  an OVERLOAD of options that just seem overwhelming right? Through the years, I've been following some of the best in the game, the shops that put in all of the effort to take these pieces from trash to treasure like I do, and I admire them because it is no easy feat! But how to get them all in one edited place? Well why not start here?

I had started A Part of the Rest as a style blog when in NYC but, after some time... I wasn't into my getting my photo taken so it turned into this vintage shop. You can read more about that in my shop bio here.  The original intention was for A Part of the Rest to be a style platform.  Now that I have grown up a bit, I understand the value in Vintage shopping as a means of sustainability on a broad scale... something that I can inspire, but so can this entire community. So, I am coming back full circle. Why can't it be both my vintage shop and a showcase of other esteemed vintage sellers and sustainable lifestyle suggestions? 

So, here we go! Look for a monthly rotation of vintage shop bios, style blogger collaborations, guest posts, and even some of my favorite things for a healthy and #sustainableinvintage life. 


What's going on this month . . .



A Part of the new look will be to rotate a monthly thematic in which to bring together vintage and lifestyle.  This months' theme is as simple as the color of the sun. It represents optimism, creativity, abundance and makes everything feel a little warm, which I know we are all looking forward to.

Here are some of my suggestions for bringing yellow into your life this May. 

This STUNNING two piece maxi

If you have a fabulous May wedding to attend, you MUST buy this dress. 

I mean, just LOOK at it!


Turmeric Lemonade!.jpg

Turmeric Lemonade

Beyond a refreshing (and delicious) cool down drink, this recipe is such an easy way to get anti-oxidants and anti -inflammatory goodness into your life with four easy ingredients:

- Lemon - Turmeric - Maple Syrup - Water


Herbivore Botanicals Citrine Body Oil.jpg

Spray yourself in CITRINE

Last year, I fell in love with HERBIVORE BOTANICALS for their Rose Facial Mist & Coco Rose Lip Tint. 

Now this is ON MY LIST.. Rosehip, Orange and Neroli in a nourishing body oil? Yes please. I LOVE using oils as moisturizers as they are multi functional and pure, which is what I am all about. They also last so long because you just need a little bit. Use on your body, cuticles, face and even hair. 





Give yourself a pick me up with this text poster, which feels a little more fancy because, Oui, it's written in French.

I just LOVE Garance Dore, Adorable, talented and chic. Also, if you listen to her podcast, Pardon My French, you may just want to be friends with her. Is her accent not the cutest? 

Kure Bazaar Non Toxic Nail Pollish Kerria Yellow.jpg


Non-Toxic nail color 



We love this Parisian nail color brand, KURE BAZAAR

yellow stripe glasses.jpg

Some Yellow Glasses to drink it in...


I mean if you're going to make yourself that delicious drink, why not put it in these chic and bright vintage tumblers?

Check out Etsy for these and some other cool vintage glassware additions for your kitchen. 


Citrine .JPG

And also put it in your pocket. 

Citrine is a stone to balance your 3rd chakra and bring you confidence and abundance. 

get some good enegy from these stones by putting them around your house, I love the way they look with my plants and I even throw one in my pocket now and then to take those good vibes with me. 

You are here.jpg


YOU ARE HERE is such a good read to get back into your soul. Sometimes we all need to go a little inward. 

Thich Nhat Hahn and his magic wil bring you right back home. 

Get one for yourself, your sister, your friend and spread the love. 



One thing that I have learned over these last few months, after struggling to get back up on my feet after recovering from chronic illness and trying to get motivated to do more with the site.... BE GOLDEN. Its IN YOU. 



Helene Heath Yellow.JPEG



Stay tuned for our chat with Helene of Fashion Over Reason on vintage, spring style and why she loves yellow for MAY.

Coming May 15th.


Something simple to get the mood going for May... Follow the playlist on Spotify and get into the sunny groove with my eclectic taste of vintage and new tunes.


Track List: 

HunnyBee  - Unknown Mortal Orchestra // Brighter - Cass McCombs // The Way Things Change - Yellow Days // Phoenix - Rhye // Hellow Stranger Barbara Lewis // It's a Shame - The Spinners // Maria Tambien - Khraungbin // This is the Day - THE THE // Just Like Honey - The Jesus and Mary Chain // El Conquistador - The Chantays // Lemon Glow - Beach House// Love is Love - Woods