Checking In with Kirstyn Konig

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We talk to Kirstyn Konig about clean, classic vintage and balancing a style life with her every day career.


Give us a little introduction to the life of Kirstyn

Hi, I’m Kirstyn! I live on the West Coast of Canada, in Vancouver BC. I’m a mover, in all aspects of the word - I’m a professional dancer, aerialist and stunt woman. When I’m not performing or training, you can find me at the nearest beach, Italian restaurant or out shopping for vintage clothing and furniture.. 

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If you could describe your personal style with three words, they would be:

Classic, playful and evolving

You are a professional dancer and performer in your daily life, how did you become interested in fashion and thus becoming a style influencer?

I’ve been fashion obsessed since I was a very young girl. I was always the kid in school who wore weird outfits and my girlfriends always wanted to come over and rummage through my closet. I worked a few retail jobs in my late teens/early 20’s and many told me to either go into interior design or styling, but performing was always my #1 passion. As for being a style influencer (a term I don’t always feel comfortable using), I truly fell into it with no real intention of making it a career. I found posting my daily selfies to be a new creative outlet for me, that was completely separate from my performing career.  Those daily selfies lead to brand and photographer collaborations and everything just snowballed from there.

Kirstyn on beach in Vancouver

Kirstyn on beach in Vancouver

Speaking of your dance career, you quite literally have to pull a balancing act... How are you able to strike balance between your fashion lifestyle and performances which are such a dedication in themselves?

You’re right, it certainly is quite the balancing act! Sometimes I feel as though I’m living duel lives. I feel like a totally different person when I’m on a movie set kicking ass and then getting dressed up and rushing off to a fashion event in the evening. All I can say is that I love living in both worlds, I have a hard time sitting still and honestly couldn’t picture my life any other way right now.


Your aesthetic is very clean and modern, how do you go about finding those aspects of wardrobe when shopping vintage? 

I’m naturally drawn to classic lines and detailing, as it is always easier to slide vintage pieces into my wardrobe that aren’t super era trendy. But don’t get me wrong, I do love throwing in some quirky character pieces as well. 

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You live in Vancouver BC, which is a super cool city. Any amazing vintage shops you would recommend if anyone is planning a visit?

Most of the vintage shopping I do in Vancouver is usually at thrift stores and even then I go far outside of the downtown core to find the good stuff. However, Hey Jude Shop is one of my favourite spots, as it is perfectly curated and you just know you’re going to find something beautiful and unique when you go in.

Hey Jude shop in Vancouver via

Hey Jude shop in Vancouver via

Living in the PNW, you definitely get a taste of all four seasons. September is always a transitional month weather wise, any tips for embracing these in between months with your wardrobe choices?

This is probably the most confusing time of year for dressing, as the mornings and evenings are cool, but the days can still be hot. I'm always in denial that summer is almost over and therefore don’t want to say goodbye to those clothes just yet however, I’m also a huge baby and get cold super easily. I find layering the best option and unless it’s raining or there’s snow on the ground I can still wear all my sandals and mules. 

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Last but not least, what is on your vintage shopping list? 

Ok, so I have my everyday vintage shopping list and then my dream vintage shopping list! My dream list has a vintage Hérmes Kelly bag on it, ideally from some little shop in Paris. For my everyday list, I am always on the hunt for more vintage tees, suits and denim.

Kirstyn in a mix of modern + vintage denim

Kirstyn in a mix of modern + vintage denim