Vintage Friends



I first reached out to Chelsea this past summer after obsessing over all of her Instagram looks. I was immediately drawn to how her style just seemed so natural like she just fell into the clothes and walked out the door. I guess that would make sense, as Chelsea has been working as a Hollywood stylist for over ten years. We met up for coffee and chatted about all things vintage(she's a huge enthusiast), and I showed her some pieces from my collection. 


Here's  a little interview we gave her for our vintage friends series.








Chelsea on the Red Carpet at The Golden Globe Awards

Chelsea Von Mach pyjama style




Describe your style personality in one sentence



My style is always EVOLVING.



Chelsea in a vintage pyjama set in West Hollywood

Chelsea Von Mach Vintage


Do you live by any style "rules" for your personal wardrobe and/ or for dressing your clients?


No, I definitely don't believe in rules. Fashion is supposed to be fun & experimental! However, I do like when clients pick out their own accessories, because I feel like it's such a personal touch. 


Playing vintage dress up in Stockholm




When did you know you wanted to be a stylist?



I think as soon as I had heard or read about Rachel Zoe. I'm from Michigan and I never imagined that you could make dressing people into a career. 




Client Jeannie Mai styled perfectly by Chelsea in a street style look



Give us some insight into a day in the life of you as a stylist.



Everyday is so different, which I like. However, my car is basically my office. I'm most likely shopping, fitting, returning, or on set. This job is NOT GLAMOROUS at all. I'm always shlepping garment bags all over Los Angeles.  You have to really really love styling, have tons of determination, and have the BEST WORK ETHIC ever to stay with it. 

                                                              A little French flair

chelsea scoping fabric.jpg


Has vintage design inspired you in your work in any way ?

Yes for sure!!! I love finding interesting vintage design pieces and knocking them off to make them look more modern for my clients. I find TONS of design inspiration through vintage clothes, clothes were constructed so much better back then. Sometimes I buy a vintage pieces based alone on the design, so I can recreate it. 


Finding fabric for a project


Tell us about your relationship with vintage clothing, when did you first “discover” vintage, and how has it been important to your personal style or professional career. 

I think it was always a bonding thing between my mom and I. It would be our special time to spend together. And as a teenager I didn't have a big allowance for clothes, so it was a way to get the most for my money and keep a unique style. I was also super shy growing up so clothes were always my way to express myself without saying anything. 



Chelsea perusing racks of vintage at The Rose Bowl Flea

chelsea pj top.jpg


What is your most coveted vintage item and where did you find it?




Ahhhh that's such a hard question! I just recently bought this 1930's VERY LIVED IN Pajama Top that I literally wear with everything! I'm obsessed. The other weekend I was in a wedding and I wore it over my bridesmaid dress (after photos of course) and it looked sooooo coooool. 

                                                                                        Said pajama top over the bridesmaids dress, the coolest

Chelsea Golden Years.jpg

What is your advice on  incorporating vintage  into a wardrobe for those who don't already?

My philosophy is always mixing old with new and high and low fashion. That is the anecdote for my own PERSONAL STYLE. I love vintage because it's usually affordable and one of a kind. I can't stand going into department or fast fashion stores and seeing racks of the same clothing piece, it just seems so not special to me. I always buy my "staple pieces" like jeans, t-shirts, shoes, etc from normal stores and then buy interesting vintage tops, jackets, dresses, accessories. etc. and mix them with my staple pieces. I also usually ONLY wear vintage to weddings & events bc then you know no one will be wearing the same thing as you. 

chi chi.jpg



Where are your FAVORITE places to find your vintage gems?

Definitely when I go home to Detroit! That's where I score all my best pieces. I have a few favorite stores I go to when I'm home where I stock up on treasures. 



A favorite Detroit area vintage spot, Chi Chi and the Greek


For more of Chelsea's endless style check out her instagram